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Is your church growth stagnant or, worse yet, declining?

  • You keep guessing or hoping you’re focusing your church’s energy in the right places.
  • You do not effectively reach your community.
  • You are quietly losing members, relevance, momentum, and vitality.
  • You are confused about how to engage people in a postmodern culture.
  • You’re tired of feeling stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed.
  • You don’t know what to do, how to do it, or where to start.

If so, there is hope, but you need a new game plan.

This assessment will help you clarify where your church is today, reveal the strategies you need to grow and reach young people, and recommend where to start.

Your Plan to Build a Thriving Church

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Reach and engage young people so your church can grow. 

Meet Your Guide

As a team of ministry leaders, we understand and know how you feel. Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) is an innovative branch of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA led by Dr. Kara Powell, a national expert in young people and the church.

FYI has researched over 250 of the nation’s leading congregations and innovative churches engaging 15- to 29-year-olds that are growing spiritually and often numerically. Their resources have helped over 250,000 senior leaders, youth leaders, and parents and parents support and develop the faith of the next generation.


You’ve heard the bad news. You’ve read the reports. Maybe you’ve witnessed or even experienced it firsthand. Churches are shrinking and aging, and young people are walking away. There is no denying this reality.

We live in an era where 94 percent of churches aren’t growing or aren’t growing as fast as their communities. Barely one out of 20 churches are effectively reaching their neighbors for Jesus.

Furthermore, most churches that close their doors rarely fold all at once. They fade slowly as the years go by, often quietly losing momentum and vitality, until one day, they are completely empty. Until one day they are completely empty. Their road to irrelevance is not paved with a single big error, but a persistent refusal to change.

A refusal to acknowledge reality.

The Growing Young Church Assessment is an academically-validated survey tool that provides vital insights about your church’s effectiveness with young people. It harnesses the collective insights of your entire congregation to provide you with a true picture of reality.


No more guessing or simply hoping you’re focusing your church’s energy in the right places.

Based on the six core commitments discovered in our 11-year Growing Young research study, the assessment will highlight both strengths and growth areas based on data collected from you, your team, or your entire congregation.

In our research, we discovered hundreds of churches with six essential strategies in common that keep teenagers and young adults coming back for more. These churches consistently:

  1. Unlock keychain leadership: Instead of centralizing authority, empower others—especially young people.
  2. Empathize with today’s young people: Instead of judging or criticizing, step into the shoes of this generation.
  3. Take Jesus’ message seriously: Instead of asserting formulaic gospel claims, welcome young people into a Jesus-centered way of life.
  4. Fuel a warm community: Instead of focusing on cool worship or programs, aim for warm peer and intergenerational friendships.
  5. Prioritize young people (and families) everywhere: Instead of giving lip service to how much young people matter, look for creative ways to tangibly support, resource, and involve them in all facets of your congregation.
  6. Be the best neighbors: Instead of condemning the world outside your walls, enable young people to neighbor well locally and globally.

With the church assessment, you’ll discover how effective your church is at engaging the next generation and what you can do differently to be better. Reflect with your team on where you are and what got you there. Expand your vision beyond trends and tricks. Make the best use of your limited time and resources. Craft a focused plan to grow your church and reach young people like never before. Build a legacy in your community that outlasts you.

What do I get with the assessment?

  • A 60-question confidential survey available for your team and your congregation to participate.
  • A 30-page downloadable report detailing participants’ responses. Data is broken down by core commitment and demographics to help you understand the various perspectives in your church.
  • Recommended next steps, exercises, and ideas you can implement right away to help your church move toward more effective ministry with young people.

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Individual Assessment

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  • 60-question survey
  • 30-page report
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  • 60-question survey for team members
  • Instructional video
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Church Assessment

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  • 60-question survey for all congregation attendees
  • 30-page report
  • Instructional video
  • Exclusive church invitation video
  • Pre-designed inserts and slides
  • Free 60-minute coaching call
  • 20+ pages of downloadable guides and worksheets
  • Exclusive offers from the Fuller Youth Institute

Have questions about the assessment?

Contact Zach, the Pasadena cohort director and assessment specialist for the Fuller Youth Institute.