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Does it feel like everything around you is changing?

  • You are quietly losing members, relevance, momentum, and vitality.
  • Your church used to have young people, and you wonder where they’ve all gone.
  • You have had to make radical shifts because of the pandemic and you are uncertain where to go next.
  • You’re tired of feeling stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed.
  • You keep guessing, or hoping you’re focusing your church’s energy in the right places.
  • Your community is changing and you don’t know how to reach your new neighbors.

You’re not alone. 

All churches grow old, but strategic churches are growing young.

Introducing Growing Young in a Changing World

A nine-month digital cohort experience that will help you unleash the potential of your congregation and apply the Growing Young core commitments to today’s realities, including: 

How can you adapt to a changing ministry landscape?
How can your church navigate the complexities of intercultural ministry with care?
How can your ministry walk with young people struggling with anxiety?


Your Plan to Grow a Thriving Church


1. Join

Register for our 2020-21 digital cohort.

2. Grow

Learn from ministry experts and receive personalized coaching.

3. Reach

Put your strategy in action to engage young people like never before. 

Meet Your Guides

Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) is an innovative branch of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA led by Dr. Kara Powell, a national expert in young people and the church.

FYI has researched over 250 of the nation’s leading congregations and innovative churches engaging 15- to 29-year-olds that are growing spiritually and often numerically. Our resources have helped over 250,000 senior leaders, youth leaders, and parents support and develop the faith of the next generation.

Ministry experts and keynote speakers include:

What do I get when I join a cohort?

Nine months of personalized team training.


  • 4 digital summits where you’ll learn from ministry experts

  • Regular training webinars with FYI researchers and leaders

  • Nine months of personalized coaching

  • Ministry self-assessment tools

  • Access to an exclusive community of fellow cohort churches

  • PLUS, you’ll have access to replay versions of ALL our videos and live events led by the FYI team. No need to worry about missing an event!

Total cost: $1,749

Registration is closed.

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If your church is like so many others in the US, you’re dedicated to leading and developing followers of Jesus—of all ages. But something’s missing.

Young people. Twentysomethings. Teenagers. Maybe they’re not completely absent, but there sure aren’t as many as you’d like to see filtering in the doors on Sunday.

If your church seems to be aging every year, you’re not alone. You’re actually part of an overwhelming trend.

While 18-29 year olds make up 17% of our overall population, they constitute only 10% of churchgoers. In fact, many churches across the United States are shrinking and aging overall, and even closing their doors. The stats just don’t lie.

Maybe you’re not sure what to do.

You know in your heart that your church longs for their presence. And you also know that they long for a place like your church.

Here’s the good news for churches across the nation.

We’ve studied over 250 of the nation’s leading congregations, developing groundbreaking research from intentional, healthy churches that are growing—spiritually, emotionally, missionally, and even numerically⁠— and are lively with the passion of young people who are involved across a variety of ministries. 

Let us share everything we learned with you.

Growing Young in a Changing World is a nine-month, fully digital church training experience that will help you unleash the potential of your congregation to engage the next generation.


Over the past three years, the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) has taken our groundbreaking research from Growing Young and journeyed with over 500 diverse congregations to help them grow young in their context. We have helped these congregations engage younger generations in ways that breathe life and vitality into the whole church through six essential strategies.

Throughout the digital cohort, the FYI team will journey with you and help you focus on what’s most essential in helping young people discover and love your church. Our advanced training model brings together churches that are committed to growing young.

We know that you invest in resources carefully. Conferences can be encouraging, but too general. And seminars are often interesting, but too short. What your team really needs is:

  • Research-based resources which bring proven results
  • A coach to guide you
  • Feedback from peer churches
  • Extended time together
  • Encouragement to turn ideas into strategies
  • Accountability to follow through
  • Space to discuss today’s most pressing conversations

When you join a Growing Young in a Changing World, you’ll stop guessing and grasping at trends and let our expert training lead you forward.

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Our 2020-21 DIGITAL Cohort is a nine-month church training model that will help you unleash the potential of your congregation to engage the next generation.
Let us walk hand-in-hand with your team, as our Growing Young research helps inform and transform your ministry.

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